Saturday, 2 April 2011

And so it begins

Eurgh, I hate introductions. They always remind me of when I started college and everybody had to say a bit about themselves and my contribution was, 'My name is Zainab and I like reading and writing.' Yes. Really. I think it takes a special sort of individual to encapsulate what they're about in a nifty paragraph and I am not he. Probably Imran is. But here's some stuff about me:
  • I love books, mostly fiction as non-fiction is too trying for my little brain. I don't have a favourite, although I will give anything a go if it sounds interesting.
  • I work in a library. And I was stupid enough to think it had something to do with the above. It doesn't.
  • I think Batman is aces. So much so that I did my English Literature dissertation on the subject. It may have been called 'The Contemporary Relevance of the Superhero' but basically it was an homage.

  • My favourite comic writers (off the top of my head) are Bill Willingham, Mike Carey, Frank Cho, Brian K Vaughan and Mark Millar. Yes, I know, and I don't care.
  • I would like to setup the largest comic book library in the world. Stop and think about this.
  • I like films, but only after literature. My favourite genre is probably sci-fi, read: alien movies. I have a deep and unusual love for Pitch Black.
  • Coke over Pepsi. Anyday.
  • I support Liverpool FC in terms of football and the Pakistani Cricket team because nobody else is so good that they have to play against themselves.
Basically, Imran and I just wanted to set up a blog where I can rant and rave about comics, books and films. It's highly likely other stuff may be ranted about also, but I will try to contain myself. So there you have it.

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