Thursday, 19 May 2011

Birthday books

The good thing about birthdays, people buy books for you. Although you get other stuff too, despite heavy promotion of your Amazon wishlist in the weeks preceding it. Ah, well. Here's what I got in terms of books:

Tales of the Batman- in hardback, which is becoming my format of choice unfortunately for my bank balance
At the Mountains of Madness- adaptation of HP Lovecraft's novel of the same name.
The Umbrella Academy- by Gerard Way who has a band. Who knew people could do more than one thing? Illustrated by Gabriel Ba, with amazing covers by James Jean.

Powers 9: Psychotic and Powers 10: Cosmic- I love Powers, especially the way Bendis is always trying new and fresh things within the format without it seeming gimmicky and pretentious. 
Daytripper- One of the best books of last year apparently about a guy who writes obituaries and is having a bit of a life crisis.

And I got a new mp3! I'm pretty brand loyal, I always buy Sony Ericsson phones and mp3s. They're really reliable and easy to use. I just needed one with a larger memory- never really seen the point of spending lots of money on an i-pod.

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