Monday, 30 May 2011

Comic and Film Wall Art

I painted my room cream (or Almond White!) a while back, the idea being that I would use bright and colourful accessories and decor to liven it up. I've been on the lookout for some wall art that would do the job (at the moment I only have an EH Shepard Pooh print) and found some pretty cool stuff online. There's a website called Imagekind which is fantastic, as it has people/artist submitting work, so you can get original prints/mosaics/photos etc on a wide variety of subjects.

I'm leaning towards the Reservoir Dogs and Batman Takeoff posters. Although I quite like the Shining print. . .

Invincible Iron Man from Imagekind, Batman Takeoff from

Batman from Whoartnow, I Wanna be Super Too from Imagekind

Reservoir Dogs from Whoartnow, The Shining from On The Wall

Thor Asgard and RetrospectiveTed both from Imagekind

Lunch Break from Imagekind

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