Monday, 13 June 2011

DC's re-boot and the Bat-family

Dick is going back to being Nightwing.
WTF?  This is, what, the second time that Dick has been Batman only to be told to piss off back to being Nightwing because his services are no longer required. It's such a low move. I understand Bruce is the original Batman and you don't really want to deviate  from that (unless you want to cash in by having Grant Morrison 'kill' him in the crappest way possible), but I fail to see why they couldn't keep him as a Batman and just give him a separate book. One of the best things to come out of R.I.P and it's aftermath was the pairing of Dick and Damian. The dynamic of Damian having Dick as a substitue father-figure gave the realtionship a new dimension and something that actually worked. Dick Grayson is an amazing character-  do something amazing with him, God knows he and his fans deserve it.

Damian will be Robin.
As much as I love Damian and his bratty ways, I'm not sure that Bruce having his actual biological son as Robin is going to work for long. I mean even Bruce didn't think so, which is why he told Dick that he and Damian would operate as Batman and Robin because they manage to work together in way that Bruce and Damian can't.

 But that aint gonna happen now. So very pants.

Barbara is back as Batgirl.
Theres been a bit of uproar about this. The announcement that Barbara Gordon will return as a fully mobile Batgirl, presumably recovered of her disability has not gone down well with lots of people. The main argument seems to be that  the character is one of the most visible representations of disability in comics (poor Professor X). Whilst I agree that the portayal of Barbara has been suprisingly consistent for comics, I  can't really see the problem with her returning as Batgirl. Comics are notorious for alternate realities and worlds, people coming back from the dead and wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.
My argument against Barbara making a comeback a Batgirl would be that she is great as Oracle. She's really become ingratiated in that role. When she got shot by the Joker, it wasn't 'lets just put her behind a computer desk', it was a genuinely good character progression. I would have loved to see Cassandra Cain back as Batgirl.

Clearly expecting anything was too much. As far as the Bat-family is concerned, we're just back to pre-R.I.P days. Becuase obviously if you're going to re-set the tableu you don't want to view it as an opportunity to do anything that might be deemed as fresh. Or new. Or original. No?

Bats will be. . . Bats.

Well, at least it looks like Bats will still be kicking ass.

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