Monday, 6 June 2011

DC's reboot: a wishlist

So the big news the in the past week has been DC's annonucement that it will effectively reboot all 52(!) of its titles from September. Basically this means that all the superheroes/teams will start afresh from issue #1. They're also going digital, something I'm not going to really address here because I just do not see the point of reading books or comics on a screen. Robot 6 have put together a really good article with industry experts and fans' thoughts and opinions all gathered in one place:

Being fairly new to the comics world, I'll be honest and say this doesn't mean much to me. The only way by which I can measure it is by my reading of Batman. It's the only DC title I read and even then I wait until the trades are released. I don't buy issues because they're expensive, flimsy and you get the story in bits, which isn't something that appeals to me. The obvious question is whether they can get together 52 good creative teams; it seems inevitable that a number of the titles produced will suffer from, um, crapness. I suppose it may be a good starting point for people like me who have never read certain characters for example, the Flash, because you're starting anew- there's no knowledge of mythology or background needed.

In relation to Batman, some kind of reset button would have been needed sooner or later considering you now have both Bruce and Dick as Batmen and Tim and Damian as Robins. There's been some ruminating on the net over who will inhabit the bat-suit but I think it has to be Bruce Wayne. Bats' origin story is just too iconic to mess with (parents shot, pearls strewn, becames bat, strikes terror) and generally doesn't need to be messed with, but here are some things I'd like to see in the new comics:

  • more focus on Bruce Wayne: Batman is really cool and all, but I'd love to see somebody do something interesting with Bruce. Bruce is much more than just a playboy persona and while Bats is a distinct side of his personality, ultimately they are the same person. I'd love a story which inco-operates both his identities in a satisfying manner, but nothing like Bruce Wayne: Murderer, thanks. And make him younger.
  •  more Alfred please. And Dick has to be Robin. He HAS to be.
  • introduce a couple of new and interesting foes: Batman has a great rogue's gallery, but I think the Joker (as fantastic as he is) should be used sparingly due to overexposure, and effectiveness for when he does appear. Re-do soem of the neglected villans to former glory- the Riddler, Bane.  It would be nice to have some fresh and well writen adversaries.
  • show some of Bruce's journey and training: We've had glimpses here and there (mainly in flashback) of when Bruce travelled the world to seek knowledge and become the baddest bad-ass ever but  there's never really been a book to show the lost years so to speak. It's a difficult one to do, because he isn't Batman yet, so I don't know how kindly people would take to it, but it has the potential to be interesting if done well and the opportunity to use characters such as Cain and Shiva is already there.
  • No other sidekicks and no Catwoman: It should just be Batman and Robin, with the latter introduced a little later perhaps. No Batgirl or anyone else cluttering up the stories and having Catwoman isn't in line with the book I'm envsiaging, haha, Man, I should totally write this thing.

Of course the book will be nothing like that, but I'm really looking forward to it, I think it's about time. Bleeding Cool have the cover for the first Batman (above) drawn by Greg Capullo. Cape looks weird. Jus' sayin'.

What would you like to see done with your favourite characters?

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