Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Photo Diary

O frabjous day! The Stuff of Legend 2 finally arrived.

And then this happened. Which I was 90% expecting, having read the Amazon reviews. So it is going back, but I will be ordering another copy now that Th3rd World Studios have announced that the binding issue has been resolved. The good news is that the story was excellent and there will be more volumes.

My friend gave me Invincible volumes 1-7 to read and I'm really glad I haven't bought them myself :) It's okay, but not at all gripping in any way; if I had purchased the first volume there's no way I would have bought the second.

Reading these at the moment. Gardening fixation still present, although I haven't actually got round to doing anything, understand. Amberville is a novel by Tim Davys. It's set in a noirish, surreal world of stuffed toys, where rumours of his name on the Death List- which lists tatty toys to be collected by a mysterious van and taken away- lead the shady Nicholas Dove to put the lean on his old employee Eric Bear to find the list and remove his name from it. Really enjoying this.

Um, random picture of the Justice League poster in my wardrobe

Watched the match between Nadal and Del Potro on Monday which was excellent, lots of great points. Rafa eventually prevailed and will play Mardy Fish later today. I'm working til 7 though, may have to watch at work. . .

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