Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vamos. . . Federer?

Rafael Nadal

I'm a bit of a sports fan- you know, the watching bit, not the playing bit. In terms of tennis, the French Open and Wimbledom are my favourite slams. Somehow, despite looking janglingly (it's a word now, ok?)precarious in  his first few matches, Rafa has made it through to the semi-finals (I say somehow, but you should NEVER underestimate him), where he will play Andy Murray. Despite having nothing to lose as he's injured, I can't see Andy coming through the encounter, which leads me to a horrible denouement.

I will be a Roger Federer fan for the day tomorrow.

There, I said it.

No, I don't know him from Adam, yes, he's quite possibly the greatest tennis player of all time, but he just annoys the fuck out of me. I do not know why. Nor do I wish to examine the possible reasons. Baseless, unmitigated loathing can be healthy in correct doses. But I will be rooting for him tomorrow to beat Novak so he can go on to do his mental Rafa block in the final. I am supporting you Fed, do not let me down.

Roger Federer

I don't like the word 'douchebag' because it doesn't really sound like anything, but it is the first word that came to mind when seeing this picture. *sigh*

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