Friday, 10 June 2011

A week in crazy floating comics thoughts

Have just discovered Tinitn comes in some lovely just larger than A5 size hardback editions with each of them collecting 3 adventures so I am now possessed of the urge to buy. them. ALL.

Always rather annoys me when you go on to these fashion blogs by foetus's and see these inspiration pics/mood board which reference obscure weird stuff which makes you wonder what the hell they've been exposed to, but must confess to being quite obssessed with kids, animals, toys and weird worlds (preferably amalgamated) at the moment. Was looking for more comics which reference Alice In Wonderland and have found a couple I shall have to buy come payday:

Two rather contrasting takes on Alice In Wonderland

Also, it has come to my attention that back in the day (1966), a Japanese anthology called Shonen King licensed the rights to produce their own Batman comics, manga-stylee. They are all collected together in this limited hardcover edition of Batmanga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan. Now, you know I'm no fan of manga, but I am rather tempted to buy it for the sole purpose of seeing what the Japense prelidiction for the sexulisation of little boys has turned Robin into.

I ordered the second volume of the Stuff of Legend: The Jungle almost a month ago now from Amazon and I still haven't got it. Instead I received an email giving me a new estimated delivery date in July. Did a bit of scouting and found it on Forbidden Planet for £9.69 including postage. So quite a bit cheaper and hopefully it should be here soon.

Read Singularity 7 by Ben Templesmith. Was shit.

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