Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Do not read: Smokin' Seventeen

Janet Evanovich used to be one of my favorite authors. You know those books which have quotes on the cover from random 'celebrity' person you've never heard of telling you they actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD(!) whilst reading that little slice of literary heaven? I never used to think it true, but I actually did laugh out loud at Evanovich's books. It is always a  diffiicult task to maintain quality when writing a series- you want to retain the elements that you thought worked and somehow incorporate them into a new and original plot. Evanovich has reached the point where she is busily trying to shoehorn various characters and regurgitate set pieces to the absolute detriment of the narrative. A glaring lack of character development and no progression with ongoing narrative strands. I skim read the whole book, it was that awful- sadly, the cut-off point for me I'm afraid.

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