Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hey, hey, look what I got!

I have finally managed to get the complete run (I think) of Gotham Central in hardback; the second one, Jokers and Madmen, is a bitch to get hold of. It gives me a tiny thrill every time I walk past the bookshelf and see them on there (don't look at me like that- I'm starved and working endless late nights). I stocked up like crazy on comics for Ramadhan to while away the hours, so I've only read the first volume so far and it was very, very good. Next up on the hardback list- the complete Freakangels. Warren Ellis has just this very week wrapped it all up and it's available in it's totality FREE online, but it's too good not to own.

Two books I've been meaning to buy- Groom Lake by Ben Templesmith- the cover of which the Pegg/Frost movie Paul seems to have taken it's inspiration from, and Beast by Marian Churchland. Marian  has illustrated for Elephantmen, which is recommendation enough for me. Also I do love my creature stories, even if they're figurative.

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