Thursday, 22 September 2011

The genre wheel- sci-fi, noir, steampunk

2000AD is a sci-fi/fantasy publisher I've never really paid much attention to. I know it best for Judge Dredd, which I 've never been able to get into. After reading Leviathan, which (I believe) was serialised in 2000AD, I went on the lookout for more of Ian Edington's work and bought the above 3 books for a mere 7 quid on Ebay. Th1rt3en is by Mike Carey, one of my favourite comic writers ever, and the other just looked interesting.

Been meaning to buy this 1999 crime noir book  by Ed Brubaker for ages, but it's been hard to get ahold of a copy that wasn't at least 20 quid. Managed to get this for a tenner on Ebay (where else?). And more Ian Edington! Dude is on my list at the moment. So, quick rubbish post over, off to weekly road rage lesson

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