Friday, 6 April 2012

Peepholes by Laurie J Proud preview

I've been following the progress of Laurie J Proud's book Peepholes for a while and it releases later this month from Blank Slate Books. A collection of ten stories, it's described as a look 'into the worlds that lie behind closed doors—where everyday stuck-on smiles are shaken off to reveal the darkness and inner-yearnings they obscure'. Formerly a stroy-boardist and animator, Proud displays a range of illustrative styles for each story, as shown in this preview: 

PeepholesLaurieJProud01b Peepholes Preview!

PeepholesLaurieJProud04 Peepholes Preview!

PeepholesLaurieJProud05 Peepholes Preview!

PeepholesLaurieJProud08 Peepholes Preview!

PeepholesLaurieJProud10 Peepholes Preview!

Preview pages taken from Blank Slate Books
Peepholes is available for pre-order here

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