Friday, 11 May 2012

Cagoule magazine review

Cagoule is a pretty fantastic idea. Not a new idea, but fantastic all the same. Created by Robert  Lowe and Cathy Olmedillas of children's magazine Anorak, it's comprised of illustrations, articles, comics, poems, activities and short stories. This inaugural issue, titled 'This and That', covers a diverse range of topics-  a garden birds section, beautifully illustrated and written by Matt Sewell, a series of essays and thoughts on doubt, fun fill-in drawing and writing sections and an intriguing little piece on the Observer's pocket guides, which instantly made me want to track some of them down (I shall refrain. For now.).

Personal highlights include the opening item on the potted history of the bra written by Penelope Ruse and fantastically illustrated by Scott Balmer and a great illustrated short story about a three-legged man written by Louise Carbonell with art by Joe Crocker which I loved. 'Bad Food' gathers people's experiences of the worst and most peculiar dishes they've come across. Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with food, so I found these contributions particularly interesting. The only thing I didn't really care for were the poems and short stories, but that's more a matter of them not appealing to my aesthetic. On the whole, Cagoule is a happy myriad of content that's enjoyable and diverting and I very much look forward to seeing the next issue.

More of that gorgeous geometric cover deisgn:

You can buy Cagoule here

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