Monday, 7 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day aka Look at my Swag

Free Comic Book Day! It was my first experience of Free Comic Day and it was pretty brilliant. Comic fans are quick to point out the flaws in the industry, but I can't think of anybody else who has a day where they give out fantastic high quality products for free. It's great for introducing people to comics and great for fans too and credit and appreciation should be given where due.

We went to the Travelling Man store in Leeds and it was really busy, with people dressed up and a lot of kids which is always lovely to see. I was surprised (stupidly, perhaps) to see the first comic to run out was DC's New 52 special edition- there were none left when we got there at 10:30. As someone who went primarily to bag the Archaia book, snagging that was enough to make my day. I picked up a few other comics that looked interesting too.  

The main prize: Archaia's hardcover which includes Mouseguard, Return of the Dappermen, Rust and others. The art throughout this is amazing- all to my taste.

Atomic Robo and Moomin/Anna & Froga flipbook: I've read heaps of praise about Atomic Robo and after reading this, I can see why. It's what Robert Kirkman wanted Super Dinosaur to be tonally, the silliness and humour are perfectly pitched. The first trade has gone onto my April buy list. I loved it!

Some pages from Anna & Froga:

Dinosaurs vs Aliens and Peanuts/Adventure Time flipbook:

Dinosaurs vs Aliens provides a first look at Grant Morrison's upcoming book and film. It has some stunning sketches and concept art by Mukesh Singh:

2000AD's book had a great back cover:

I also bought the new Animal Man trade by Jeff Lemire, which I've been looking forward to reading. I'd love to hear what other people bought and their experiences. Leave a comment!

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