Tuesday, 22 May 2012

John Allison is a Tumblr Tease

In a fact that seems to have totally passed me by somehow (ok, easy-how), John Allsion has a tumblr account. It would appear he mostly uses it to frustrate people with renderings of awesome comics that don't exist but absolutely should. Such as this one of a suggested Gilmore Girls comic- which would have 'about 4 square inches per page not consumed by speech bubbles.' This needs to happen: it could herald the return of words in comics.

Remember my tenure as artist on the officially licensed Gilmore Girls comic?
You may recall that I was sacked after accidentally sitting on Amy Sherman-Palladino’s top hat. But what a sweet gig. There were about 4 square inches per page not consumed by speech bubbles.

Fantastic idea number 2: Kity Pryde and She Hulk as attorneys at law, an idea which came to him in a dream. A feverish dream, so you know it's a thing of genius.

She Hulk & Kitty Pryde, Attorneys
In the thick of a fever dream on Friday night, I attempted to pitch the idea above to Marvel. I wasn’t well. Marvel were represented by an unrecognisable, fat, Stan Lee and “Avi Abrams Jr”. My reasoning was non-excellent:
“It’s what women want”“Remember Ally McBeal?” “I think we can get the courts involved”
Like I say, I really wasn’t well. But I drew it anyway, just for YOU.

And he also took the time out to comment on my fellow Leeds-dwellers dress sense, where people wear t-shirts and hotpants with bare legs in accordance with some dress-as-you-wish-the-weather-to-be code, despite freezing temperatures. I must admit to a sense of intrigue though- what are 'poof muscles'?

How to get that “Leeds look”

Also found this little comic, which has been around for a while but is too good not to post. Working in libraries, I can assure you the threat of unleashed librarians is very real. . . 

John Allison (Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery) argues against public library closures to protect the world from the greatest threat it has faced yet: bored librarians.(source)

UPDATE: I've just read over on the Forbidden Planet blog that John's brilliant Bad Machinery web-comic is to be collected in print and published by Oni Press, with the first volume due for release next March. Really pleased for him!

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