Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kirby to Moebius: one thing leads to another

In one of those strange instances where your thinking coincides with someone else's, albeit inadvertently, I discovered my first Moebius-illustrated book. I was reading the Robot 6 blog and emailed a stunning picture of Galactus by Jack Kirby (it's in the picture post if you want to have a look) to a work colleague who's a fan.

In response, he sent me the following images about a great Silver Surfer story, a 'thing of beauty' he once used to own:

He also sent me an Amazon link to the original hardcover which were selling in the £55-60 range. One click lead to another and it turns out Marvel are re-printing Parable in hardback this very month. All the features on Moebius' art have made me really want to buy some of his work and I think I'll start with this one. I haven't read any Silver Surfer or Fantastic Four comics, but I like the idea of him- a slave/commissary to an eater of universes, riding a silver board through space searching for planets for Galactus to devour, eventually regaining his freedom, nobility and sense of self.

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