Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bits and bobs

Tom Spurgeon has an excellent interview with Ed Brubaker over at The Comics Reporter.

Britten and Brulightly author Hannah Berry talks about her process and choices in making her second  comic book, Adamtine,  at the FPI blog.

Nick Abadzis has alternative endings for his lovely Russian space dog saga Laika here.

Disney have made a pitch for a Stuff of Legend movie.

The Will and Ann Eisner Foundation have announced a new award for libraries, with the winner receiving a copy of every title nominated and a grant with which to buy more comics. I wish there was something like this in the UK.

Jeffery Deaver talks to Jonathan Freedland about his writing methods in a video for The Guardian.

I still haven't gotten round to watching Promethus yet, but Sam Hiti has a lovely drawing of the space jockey:

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