Monday, 18 June 2012

Evah Fan zines

I've been on a bit of a zine buying bent recently: the stapled-together handmade, abstract nature of them appeals to me. Seesaw Fidgets and Pry on Murmurs II are both by American painter and illustrator Evah Fan. Pry on Murmurs is a follow up to Evah's first zine with the same name. In it she draws pictures over two pages 'with mini narratives in each spread', which encourage you to make up stories to explain/go with them. I particularly like her use of pattern and space.

Seesaw Fidgets is a puzzle book consisting of  droodles drawn by Evah.  'Droodles are made up of minimal use of lines to construct a picture. Sometimes they merely look like chicken scratches but if you study them for a while, you might find something.' There is a definitive answer, but it's nice to let your imagination loose a little and ponder the possibilities. Can you work out what the ones below are?

Available from Evah's Etsy shop
And from the lovely people at Analogue Books if you're in the UK