Thursday, 28 June 2012

A few changes and FPI Desert Island Comics

Just a quick post to point out a couple of new things I've feebly added to the blog. If you look under the header, you should now see 'Contact' and 'Reviews' tabs. The first one provides, shockingly enough, an enail address by which you can get in touch with me, and the second is a page which lists all the reviews posted on this site. All in one place and in alphabetical order and everything.

And some exciting news (I think it's ok to share now that it's been mentioned on their blog)- I've been asked to contribute to the amazing Forbidden Planet Blog. If you've been following this site a while, you'll know it's my favourite thing ever, so it's a genuine honour and something I'm pretty ecstatic about. My posts will be easily recognisable by their amateurishness and um, my name. The first piece I was asked to do was a Desert Island Comics thing, where the premise is if you were to be stranded on an island and could choose to take 8 comics with you, what would they be? You can read it over at FPI here:

I am still planning to post here too, but probably less frequently as I write at snail's pace. I would just like to thank everyone who reads this blog, it may sound trite and cliched, but it is true: it means a lot.

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