Friday, 20 July 2012

Another reason to grab a copy of The Furry Trap

If you need another reason to buy Josh Simmons' Furry Trap, Matt Seneca over at Robot 6 has just provided one. Matt's been doing a series called The Greatest Comic of All Time, where he highlights overlooked, under-appreciated and personal favourites for the title.This week, he's done a great write-up of Josh's Batman story, Mark of the Bat, which has had many people lamenting that they cant' get hold of a copy. Well good news- Josh's new anthology of twisted and horrific short stories, The Furry Trap, published by Fantagraphics, includes his 2006-7 bootleg take on Batman. So if you want to read the Batman story, grab a copy while you can. I'm looking forward to reading this even more now- bah to international shipping!

UPDATE: Came home from work to book package: I now have a copy of The Furry Trap thanks to the lovely Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics. I'm going to reviewfor FPI soon, but here are some pictures of Mark of the Bat:

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