Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Secret of the Stone Frog by David Nytra preview

Richard wrote about Rutu Modan's making her debut as a children's writer with Maya Makes a Mess, set to be published by Toon Books on August 14th and it looks pretty amazing. Another of their upcoming books caught my eye- a weird-looking black and white, wonderland/fairytale comic by another debut writer- David Nytra. Seems to be a fairly standard children-meet-and-must-escape-from-strange peoples/environment, but I like his style- very creepy and it has atmosphere.  Here's a short synopsis from Toon:

When Leah and Alan awaken in an enchanted forest, they have only each other and their wits to guide them. In a world full of pet bees and giant rabbits, they befriend foppish lions and stone frogs. Learning to overcome danger, they find their way home—and their independence.

The Secret of the Stone Frog is available from Toon Books on September 11th

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