Thursday, 2 August 2012

Postman baby

Stuff that's come through the post in the past week:

Cardboard by Doug Tenapel. Scholastic's Grahpix line isn't available in the UK, but you should head to Amazon for this gem and marvel at how Tenapel manages to elicit such a range of emotions from a story about a boy who gets a piece of cardboard for his birthday. You can, happily, buy the excellent Ink+Paper comic anthology from the website, edited by David O'Connell and with 100 pages of full colour, it's a great example of British talent on show. It also has art/illustration related articles in the back and at only £8, I would very much recommend it.

Baba Yaga and the Forest and Wax Cross by Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuk from Koyama Press. This was a bit of an indulgent buy- the books are only approximately 28 pages each and cost me £32 to have them shipped from the US, but the art in them is just beautiful. Visit Pat's site, Tin Can Forest, for a look at the gorgeous illustration.

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen: just one of those books I've been meaning to buy, but not got round to. Was finally pushed to do it after reading his superb strip in Nobrow 7. This thing weighs in at over 500 pages, and though I've made a start, I want to try and savour it- it's very, very good.

The Adventures of Venus by Gilbert Hernandez. Every now and then I read Love and Rockets and try to get into it because it's supposed to be one of the pinnacles of comics achievement, but it still hasn't clicked for me yet. So I thought I'd begin on the lower rungs. Laugh away. Guinea PI: Hamster and Cheese by Colleen AF Venable: just discovered this series set in a crazy pet-shop with all manner of things going on/wrong. Luckily, they have Sasspants, the no-nonsense guinea pig to wade through the crazy. Yes, it's for babies- but it's also super hilarious, so who cares? I've ordered the second.

Charlatan Tales by Alfie Gallagher: put onto this by Mark Kardwell, I think- some fantastic looking art- and only £3.00, you can buy it here. Take a look at Alfie's blog for some preview pages and other thangs. And finally, Fluffy by Simone Lia. Read this at lunchtime today and it was fab- I'm a big fan of Simone's clean, simple style and very irreverent touches.

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