Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Publisher Spotlight: Humanoids

I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely books by comic publishers Humanoids a couple of weeks ago. They have a great selection of comics, with a particular focus on English language translations of some fantastic new European talent and old masters, such as Frederik Peters, Nicolas De Crecy and Yves Chaland. They're also one of the only publishers currently translating Moebius' work, although these tend to sell out very quickly. Here's a quick look at the books I got- you can see more by clicking on the title of each, which should you lead to Humanoids page.

The Eyes of the Cat The very first graphic storytelling collaboration between two masters of the medium, Alexandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius. In a desolate dreamscape world, a man, a bird, and a cat interact in a unique apocalyptic yet poetic fashion…

Koma  Addidas is a bright and quirky young girl who spends most of her time helping her widowed father in his job as a chimney sweep in the industrial metropolis they live in. When Addidas ventures too far into a chimney, she encounters a bizarre new friend...

Whispers in the Walls A gothic tale of horror from David Muñoz (co-writer of Guillermo Del Toro's THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE film) and artist Tirso. Czechoslovakia, 1949. What Evil lurks within the walls of an ancient Children's Infirmary? After the brutal murder of her parents, Sarah, a young orphan, is about to discover just that and much more.

Flywires Kelsey Fontine is an unemployed cop whose busted flywire forces him into a loser's life on the Aeon City-Ship. As Fontine searches for a boy's missing mother, he learns the dark side to the many privileges that come with having your brain connected via flywire.

I would definitely recommend perusing their site, some genuine treasures on there.

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