Monday, 27 August 2012

Turtles redux by Michael Dialynas

The vastness of the Internet beast means there's always people drawing and designing their own versions of favourite characters, most of which, to be honest, I tend to ignore. Oh, look, another interpretation of Spiderman, woot woot(!) The downside of reading so many comics related sites is that it can lead to a certain fatgue. These Teenage Mutant Turtles by Michael Dialynas caught my eye because I have a slight but spiry Turtles obsession (more of which in an upcoming review of the new micro-series). I like how he hasn't deviated too far from the characters, but just included small touches which add personality, like Donatello's goggles and Michaelangelo's shell stickers. And another good thing: they actually look young: full of attitude and sulk, whcih pleases me: I feel the 'teenage' in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has never really been fully explored somehow. Click through to Michael's site, The Wooden Crown, for a larger picture and yes, Spiderman illustrations.

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