Friday, 7 September 2012

Buying Spiral: Retrofit Comics

I hate those bastards over at Retrofit Comics. Every time I harden my resolve to not buy any more comics for a while, they put out yet another great one. Already bought Corrine Mucha's Monkey in the Basement and other delusions (did a short write-up for it over at FPI) and have pre-ordered Gold Star by John Martz and Brendan Leach's New Sludge City. Yesterday, they released L. Nichols' Flock, which is an incredibly sharp and poignant look on her struggle with religion and sexuality, so of course I had to buy it. If you want to see why, you can check out a good 20 pages of it at her web-site, but it's only $5 so you can nab yourself a copy without it hurting too much.

But definitely, check out the Retrofit Comics site, there's only about 15 comics on there, so there's no endless scrolling, and they're all pretty quality offerings- other authors include Box Brown, James Kochalka, Noah van Sciver and Joe Decie. Additionally, nothing's priced over $6 and postage to the UK is reasonable, so it's all win-win. Get to it!

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