Saturday, 29 September 2012

Chisato Tamabayashi: pop-out and cut-work art books

My friend Andy is opening a art book/journals/gift shop in Leeds in (fingers crossed) November, which means he's basically looking at a whole load of very cool stuff and deciding what to stock. One of these fantastic people is a Japanese lady called Chisato Tamabayashi, who makes the most incredible, beautiful, intricate and downright amazing pop-out and cut-out books. Here are a couple of my favourites- this first one is called 'Queue' and features a 3D pop-up car, bus, or van on each page. The pages then magically fold out to form a queue of vehicles. Tamabayashi also makes greeting cards which have a single car or bus pop out.


And the second, which I will hopefully own once Andy is up and running, is called '9-5'. This book has gorgeous cut-out tree pages, which slowly change colour as the seasons transform, with the cut-work moving from the leaves to the branches. It also contains 6 mini-books with little close up details of the trees, like a bird nesting. It is just awesome work.


You can visit Chisato's site here.

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