Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mini-comic watch: Gold Star by John Martz

Something has me on a mini-comics bender at the moment and I've been very fortunate that all the ones I've read have been good, if not great. It's a run that I thought was coming to an end with John Martz's Gold Star, as I turned those little pages, it seemed for the world that somebody thought putting rabbits and other animals together in a weird situation would alone a story maketh (sorry, John) and I was a bit cross at myself for buying it.  How lovely to be wrong. The last few pages of denouement bring everything into relief and it is very funny and wry and really quite clever.
It goes like this: Bunny Buckler is in town for an awards ceremony in which he has been nominated. Having never attended one before, he is understandably nervous. Compounding his anxiety, his name is announced: he's won, even more nervous, he makes it up to the podium and decides to give an improvised, off-the-cuff thank you speech. The words don't come. He tries to remember the speech he had already prepared: the words don't come. He pulls the written speech out and begins reading haltingly off the paper.

All the while, Martz cuts between the present award ceremony and Bunny's arrival at the hotel, checking in, where he meets an over-bearing, loud and uncouth duck? chicken? who he starts drinking with.  Martz sets it all up perfectly, the timing, pace and the reveal, to give a nifty, unexpected finale.

Mini-comic streak continues. You can buy Gold Star here. $5. Free sticker. Do it.

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