Friday, 7 September 2012

Richard Sala's The Grave Robber's Daughter in digital for $4.99

Richard Sala's out of print Fantagraphics book, The Grave Robber's Daughter, got a digital release today. The information you need is the pages and synopsis below + 97 pages = $4.99. You can buy it at comixology.

Something is very wrong in the town of Obadiah's Glen. The streets are empty. The phones don't work. The cars are all gone ? and so are the people, at least most of them. The ones who are left are hiding and shivering in fear. They know it's only a matter of time before the clowns come and get them. Because the town of Obadiah's Glen now belongs to the clowns. And these clowns have a special secret, one that lies buried in the old cemetery on the hill...The Grave Robber's Daughter is a deliciously scary thrill ride from the author of the critically acclaimed horror graphic novel The Chuckling Whatsit ("A masterpiece!" ? Rue Morgue Magazine) and stars Judy Drood, the highly strung and short-tempered girl sleuth.


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