Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Reading Rewards

It's okay- my vow to save money for ThoughtBubble remains resolute(ish). I haven't had much time to do a lot of reading, but have been lucky enough to be sent some great books I really want to get to once I have some of this MA bleurgh out of the way. First up: Mrs Weber's Omnibus, which collects all of Posy Simmonds' strips for the Guardian from 1977 until it finished up. Following 3 women and their households, I've been dipping into this in between essay writing as a kind of push incentive, and let's just say as a working class British Pakistani, I'm not really feeling it. 
The Complete Rainbow Orchid by Garen Ewing: kinda scary how time flies. Ewing's acclaimed series has been one of those that I've always had a view to picking up one day and now the complete edition is out- let's not think about it and just enjoy reading it instead. Adamtine: Hannah Berry's follow up to her amazing, sad and weird debut, Britten and Brulightly, is a different genre- I love it when authors are brave enough to try different things, especially early on in a career when you're trying to establish yourself and to have a 'signature' must be a comforting cushion. Berry's art is great, very distinctive- her people always look very sad for some reason. 
Once Upon A Time Machine, edited by Andrew Carl and Chris Stevens. I've been following this book of futuristic fairy tales from early on in conception, so pretty ecstatic to finally have a copy (thanks, Andrew!). 400+ pages and boasting some phenomenal art. Finally, Melissa Mendes' Freddy Stories. Only recently became aware of Mendes- she published this book via a Xeric Grant, but she also publishes mini-comics through Oily Comics and there's a whole load of interesting stuff on her site too. 

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