Friday, 26 October 2012

Summer Pierre's 100 days 100 Stories

Artist Summer Pierre has been making one-page stories for over 6 years now, and is currently on a self-imposed challenge to create 100 stories in 100 days. She picks a random word from a large stack of nouns written on index cards and then builds a story with accompanying illustrations around that word. Today marked number 40 out of 100, so she's almost halfway there. Quite a few readers of her blog, An Accident of Hope, have expressed an interest in doing a similar activity and Summer's provided some tips, also mentioning how the inspiration for her stories came from Linda Barry:
'I make these stories by pulling a noun from a stack of index cards and writing and drawing the first memory that comes to me. It sounds sort of vague and unkempt, but it's actually--dare I say the word?--a practice that has become something so essential to keeping me grounded and focused as an artist.
The method was initially inspired by the cartoonist and writer Lynda Barry's idea of how a single word can illicit powerful memory associations and therefore specific stories. I remember Barry asking the question, "If you could only tell your life story through the couches you have known--what would that story be?" '
I may actually give this a try, but obviously on a much smaller scale; I like the idea of producing something every day, and also the free form, stream of consciousness feel of it.

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