Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Zac Gorman: gaming comics

I've just been writing a little piece for FPI about Zac Gorman's Halloween themed gifs, when I realised that I've never blogged about him here or there, which is a mid-level travesty. So to shamelessly regurgitate my own words : I'm not a gamer at all, but Gorman amalgamates comics and video games to great effect, creating something that stands on it's own in the process. Obviously, gaming has evolved vastly and so he has more of a narrative to work with, but I've not seen anyone else do this kind of thing: he's managed to create a niche of his own.

As mentioned, he's currently been making up some fantastic Halloween themed gifs over at his tumblr blog- some more subtle in movement than others. Gorman's got a gift for this kind of thing, he does it often with spectacular results (some favourites here, here and here)- I think his secret lies in choosing one unobtrusive aspect which to animate, like the rain lashing in the background, or the flickering of the torch above (it's usually elemental). Makes me yearn to see something similar in a long-form comic, just a little here and there, not a cartoon or animation. Obviously it would probably work fine with a digital comic, but not print.

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