Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fantagraphics Castle Waiting volume 1 paperback release

Fantagraphics are publishing the first volume of Linda Medley's much lauded, yet cult comic, Castle Waiting, in paperback for the very first time this month. I'm very envious of people who haven't read this yet- I was one of you but a few weeks ago. You may feel innundated with 're-imaginings' and other fairytale related story-telling, but Medley's work is so far from that whilst being derivative of it, that you can't help but be drawn in; by bearded ladies and a group of people, seemingly fantastical, yet familiarly recognisable in their insecurities, longings and quirks, who have formed their own community built on acceptance of differences and inclusion. It's simultaneously warm and enconsing in its choice of genre, but made fresh and thoughtful by the shunning of convention

The only problem I'm facing at the moment is the cost of an out of print second volume. If you want a taster of the comic to see whether you'd like it, you can read the first 25 pages here. You can buy a copy here.


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