Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Take Five

Haven't posted in a while and that's due to MA, work, blah, blah, blah. I've been pretty much burning 3 wicks -I didn't even know I HAD 3 wicks- so I think a little light relief in the form of a comics art post is called for.

Josh Simmons is really hit and miss for me: yes- his horrible, terrible stuff works in that it makes people uncomfortable and forces them to think why, but I really love when he's more subtle too, like in House, which was just a great study in silent, atmospheric, tension building. This recent Superman/Batman piece, however, I do love.

This pretty sums me up- from Lauren Z

How superb is this? The panelling, the concept, the slow, creeping ratcheting of time.
Clocks by Howard Chaykin from Blackhawk #3

Endless rope: or why I'm hesitant to get involved in arguments like these. The line between importance and juvenile just seems too close. By Meg at sailorswayze

:) Two-Face by Evan Dorkin and Evan Brunetti

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