Monday, 10 December 2012

Double Portrait: Polish comics anthology

Continuing preparation for one of my new year's resolutions to expand my horizons and read comics from all around the world (which will probably go the way of all good intentions), I ordered a copy of Double Portrait last week. A Polish comics anthology, it's compiled exclusively of contributions from 19 female, Polish comic creators. Published by Polish comics company, Centrala (this year awarded the best comics publisher in Poland), the comics are autobiographical in nature. Here's a brief provisio of the book from David Schilter of kus!
'No more secrets! This anthology opens the door to the vital and colorful, but very well hidden, female comics scene from Poland. 19 young comics authors tell gripping stories about their lives-childhood, adolescence as well as their current daily struggles and joys, about their fears, desires and dreams. While discovering this vibrant group of artists, you will also get a glimpse into the Polish life. The comics capture the multifaceted relationships to friends, men and very often to their dearly loved grandmothers, who might now also tell you some valuable life lessons.'
You can buy a copy here.



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