Friday, 21 December 2012

Nobrow launching kids imprint, Flying Eye Books

Some genuinely fantastic, exciting news as the year rounds to a close: Nobrow, purveyors of excellent comics, books, prints and art are launching a children's books division in February 2013. You can find and bookmark the swishy Flying Eye website here, though there's not much apart from that lovely illustration above on it at the moment. Here's a quick few words from Nobrow on what to expect from their new line:
'Featuring the same commitment to great storytelling, eye-popping artwork, great design and sustainable manufacturing that characterises Nobrow books, Flying Eye aims to bring you the most beautifully produced, entertaining, collectible, cherishable (not perishable!) and wonder-filled books you could wish for.
With work from the likes of Viviane Schwarz, Ben Newman and ATAK, as well as the latest  instalment in Luke Pearson’s Hilda series, we hope that you’ll find something to love with every Flying Eye release coming in the New Year.'
Nobrow are renowned for their magical magpie curating abilities, gathering the best of design, comics, and illustration in beautiful quality offerings, so the introduction of this new kids imprint is really good news. They've had a few nominations in Angouleme this year too, so this announcement caps off a great year for them (congratulations, guys!), and at the risk of making a large sweeping statement, I think it's a good indication for British comics too.
Not sure if this is the finalised Flying Eye logo, but I really like it- nice, strong design: simple, effective, fits with the product.

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