Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ana Teresa Barboza: embroidery and bodily functions

I came across Spanish artist Ana Teresa Barboza's work recently and was instantly enamoured. It combines elements of sewing, embroidery, photography and illustration. I'm kind of constantly surprised by how effective and visceral the amalgamation of these various mediums can be. The body organs pieces are probably my favourite here, as I think they draw the strongest response and are genuinely raw and evocative. The juxtaposition of the delicate, cream, lace-like floral embroidery with the stark yanking, tugging and tearing of muscle and flesh is striking.

The simplicity of the pieces below appeals: the stitched outline of the girl with her eyes covered and the dense, rich embroidery of the dog bringing him to life.

It's interesting how Barboza chooses certain elements to play up with embroidery, some with colour, fabric, some with pencils and outlines. These ones I like for the colour and detail:


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