Sunday, 6 January 2013

Brendan Leach's Ironbound to get full collected release

Sometimes you fall for people's work rather hard. Which has been the way for me and Brendan Leach's comics ever since I read Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City last year. Leach hasn't a vast body of comics work- afore-mentioned Pterodactyls aside, a mini called New Sludge City released with Retrofit last year, and ongoing series Iron Bound, but there's a quality to his art in particular that grabs me: it has a real personality that reminds me of Quentin Blake in its lines and expressiveness, but with a vulnerability that makes his work so open . His storytelling is good too; natural and organic without the feeling that you're deliberately being led towards certain places.
It was with much excitement then, that I read the news of Ironbound being released as a graphic novel this year, complete with a record. You can read the story so far here, where Leach has uploaded the pages on a dedicated tumblr blog. He also currently has a special offer in his store where you can buy a signed artist's edition of New Sludge City, complete with an original drawing for only $20. I already have a copy of the comic, but I would very much like to upgrade to the addition of a lovely drawing of some pterodactyls. But: ghastly bills. I'd encourage everyone else to take advantage though.

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