Saturday, 19 January 2013

Drawn & Quarterly to publish Sarah Glidden's Rolling Blackouts

Coincidence is a funny thing. Last week I finally managed to order a copy of Sarah Glidden's 2011, Ignatz award-winning book 'How to understand Israel in 60 days or less,' Glidden's recounting of her 'Birthright Israel' tour, an Israeli government-sponsored trip through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Masada and other locations and the subsequent thoughts, feelings and reactions it provoked. After being on the scour for it ever since somebody recommended it to me a while back, it had been out of print, with copies going for £100+ on Amazon, but is now happily available once more. Hot on the heels of my recent acquirement comes the news that Drawn & Quarterly have acquired the world rights to publish Glidden’s next book, Rolling Blackouts, another comics journalism effort, this time focusing on the Iraq war. Here's the official synopsis from D&Q:

'To be released in Fall 2014, ROLLING BLACKOUTS follows Glidden to the Middle East with friends from a journalist collective, travelling to Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Glidden draws the portrait of a relationship between two childhood friends; one who is a journalist staunchly opposed to the Iraq war and the other a Marine who fought in the war. In doing so, Glidden explores the legacy of the war in Iraq and how it has changed people's lives, throughout the region and back at home.'
D&Q, of course, have a long and excellent publishing pedigree, but what has been extra pleasing and encouraging is the amount of coverage this- as a work of comics journalism-  has received from various large comics sites: obviously I'm not the only one to appreciate and anticipate Glidden's work! If you want a look and feel for Glidden's work, you can read her 20-page comic, The Waiting Room, about Iraqi refugees in Syria  here

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