Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fantagraphics give Julia Gfrorer's Black is the Colour print release

I think I may have extolled the virtues of Julia Gfrorer's excellent webcomic, Black is the Colour, a few times previously on here. Originally syndicated on the Study Group Comics website, the tale of two sailors who get put overboard in a lifeboat without any food or provisions in order to ease the demands of looking after and feeding a large crew quickly takes a turn into more familiar Gfrorer territory: mythic, sexual and the melancholialy visceral. Grforer sold some copies of the first issue in her Etsy shop and then stopped producing them and this is probably why- Fantagraphics will be publishing the full comic in book form this September. I'm a big fan of Julia's work, so this is brilliant news, but I also think she really made a huge leap in her comics development with Black is the Colour- the pacing, the absolutely beautiful art- all of it combined perfectly and to a different level than that in her previous work. Very much looking forward to owning a copy of this.
The push and pull, ebb and flow of the water calls out to all men. In this harrowing new graphic novella, Black Is the Color, Julia Gfrörer delicately hatches away this sailor-at-sea story until the reader drowns in imminent destruction. Gfrörer states, “Black Is the Color is my most ambitious single story comic to date, and I’m thrilled that Fantagraphics will be publishing it in a format that matches my vision for the work.”

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