Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Being the technological dinosaur I am, I didn't realise the problems Blogger's been having uploading pictures from my computer could be fixed by switiching browser- hey, I LIKE Internet Explorer ok? Anyway, frustration led me to investigate the problem and I now use Chrome to upload my pictures and then switch back to IE again. Your long-winded explanation for the lack of posts concludeth here. Here's stuff I've been reading recently:

Jonathan Cape sent me The Making Of by Belgian artist Brecht Evens and it's a many-paged watercolour masterpiece, and that's just from a cursory look through the pages. I'm hoping to sit down with it and give it the attention it needs, which will hopefully be some time soon, as yesterday I submitted my last assignment for at least a month- wahey! Tom Kaczynski, cartoonist and founder of Uncivilised Books, was kind enough to send me The Voyeurs by Gabrielle Bell and Jon Lewis' True Swamp collection, which Lewis has described as 'a comic about animals in the wild experiencing psychological problems, strange adventures'. You can read more about the book in a great interview he did over at CBR, where he discusses it in depth. Everybody has heard of Gabrielle Bell's diary comics by now, haven't they? If not, go here. Hoping to review both these soon, so I won't go on about them.

Epigram sent me the comics they've put out so far and they are truly impressive. The production values are high quality and the books a nifty just-larger than A5 size. It's really exciting for me to see this kind of comics venture being birthed, with a recognised publishing house producing their first ever comics line. On the basis of these books, I really hope they get to continue, but that will obviously depend on how well these do, and other factors. I'm doing a week-long feature on these comics in the first week of Feb (fingers crossed), where they'll all be reviewed. It's been lovely interviewing Sonny Liew and getting in touch with all the creators to do pieces- introductions, commentaries on the books etc. It's been a really cool thing to do. Now if only I could get paid to do it...

On an aside, interviewing people is great but transcribing and editing long pieces is HELL. 

The End of the Fucking World by Charles Forsman. This is so good. Forsman's producing these stapled together issues of his comic in 12 pages apiece for the princely sum of a $1 each. I got the first 7 shipped to the UK at a cost of about £8. The next 7 issues in the series arrived yesterday. His story follows 2 young  aimless teenagers who leave home and get involved in things like murder, as you do. That's a shit summary, but it's sort of a road trip of quiet teenage Americana gone wrong but not in a big dramatic statementy way. It works because there's not a shedload of characters and he manges to make his protagonists sympathetic despite their apathy. Fantagraphics are releasing the whole story in a collection later this year, but you should buy it now. Polite suggestion.

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