Friday, 11 January 2013

Tyson Hesse's Sonic/Knuckles comic

I'm still on the lookout for a copy of the SPX Sonic comic fanzine, Speed Hog, as I missed out on buying it online last year. I know there are plans to re-print it soon over at TopatoCo, but if anyone knows of how I can get my hands on a copy before that, please do let me know. In the meanwhile, a lot of the artists who contributed to the publication are posting their strips online, which makes me want to own it in print even more. This Knuckles strip is by Tyson Hesse, creator of web-comic Boxer Hockey and sci-fi/fantasy comic, Diesel. I'm not always a fan of silliness, too often people forget to add the humour, but this is great and made me smile. Click through to Tyson's tumblr for larger pages (Blogger's ill at the moment and won't post high res large images).


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