Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blog hiatus

I haven't posted on the blog this month and it's due to the usual reasons: a combination of work and the Masters. I've 5 different assignments due in May and am also working 26 hours a week, so at the moment I'm attempting to focus on my studies. At work, I'm building a comics library which is exciting, but setting up a whole separate accompanying comics website for the college means when I come home I'm a little comicked and computered out.

In the meantime, if for some startling reason you find yourself missing my sparkling presence, I'm still posting every Thursday over at FPI- alternating between doing a News, Views and Oddities (a cool links round up) one week and a Comics Carousel feature (quick look at several indie/small press comics) the other. I'm also writing for The Beat now: I contribute at least a review a week there as well as other bits and bobs- here's some of the stuff I've written over there you can check out:

Thank you for reading :)

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