Thursday, 4 July 2013

The buy list: Kilian Eng's Object 10

You may remember me mentioning coming across Swedish artist Kilian Eng's work at ELCAF last month. I knew the name rang a bell, and it was because of this poster he designed for Mondo of Jodorowsky's Dune documentary film, that was making the inter-webs rounds a while back. Eng works almost exclusively in digital and his work is a great  advocate for the medium, with a focus on colour and architecture and landscapes: considered vistas.

His biography states that much of his inspiration 'comes from the interest in both classic and futuristic architecture, surrealism, science fiction, theater scenography, different elements and shapes in nature as well as in urban landscapes' and I would say that's pretty apparent in his work- compositions, framing and layouts- certainly in Syklus, the only physical work of his I own.

Which is a round about way of getting to this point: Floating World Comics have the exclusive sale of Eng's new book, Object 10. A follow up to his previous monograph of work, Object 5, the 80 page long hardback book comes in a European album format and contains a selection of his most recent illustration and design work as well as couple of older pieces. The 'regular' edition runs to 2000 copies worldwide, with a  special signed edition limited to 200 copies. More information and order details here.

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