Wednesday, 25 September 2013

British Comic Awards: nominations announced

I was pretty chuffed to be asked to serve as a committee member for the British Comic Awards this year, and after reading a tonne of comics and participating in 17,659 email threads, my fellow BCA peeps, Tom Humberstone, Richard Bruton, Clark Burscough, David Monteith, Stacey Whittle, Mel Gibson, Ian Hague, Vicky Stonebridge and I, have come up with a shortlist of nominees which will be put forward for the consideration of the judges. 

The awards have 4 categories: best comic, best book, emerging talent and the young people's comic award. We also choose an entrant for the Hall of Fame, which this year will be awarded to the legendary  Leo Baxendale, creator of Beano strips such as Bash street Kids and Minnie the Minx. The Young People's Comics shortlist is forwarded to a variety of participating schools around Leeds and Yorkshire, and a winner will be chosen by the best people suited to judging comics for children: the children themselves. 

It's been an interesting experience being on the committee, and being privy to the many issues it throws up that you probably wouldn't even consider if you weren't actually taking part, but what's been most impressive has been the sheer amount of very good UK comics- hugely encouraging to see. I can genuinely say that I'm very, very pleased with the shortlist we've produced. I'll write a more in-depth post about it once all is done and dusted, as is proper.

UPDATE: I meant to thank Adam Cadwell, who is the founder of the BCA's and a pretty solid dude all round- the awards takes a huge, huge amount  of time, effort and organisation and a whole load of other nitty gritty things which I'm probably still not aware of and he does a sterling job.

 Below is a full list of nominees:

Best Comic:
The Absence #5 – Martin Stiff (self published)
The Listening Agent – Joe Decie (Blank Slate Books)
Mud Man #6 – Paul Grist (Image Comics)
Soppy – Philippa Rice (self published)
Winter’s Knight: Day One – Robert M Ball (Great Beast/self published)

Best Book:
The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil – Stephen Collins (Jonathan Cape)
Judge Dredd: Trifecta – Al Ewing, Rob Williams, Simon Spurrier, Henry Flint, D’Israeli, Carl Critchlow and Simon Coleby (2000AD Graphic Novels)
The Man Who Laughs – David Hine and Mark Stafford (Self Made Hero)
Mrs. Weber’s Omnibus – Posy Simmons (Jonathan Cape)
The Nao of Brown – Glyn Dillon (Self Made Hero)

Young People’s Comic Award:
Hilda & The Bird Parade – Luke Pearson (NoBrow)
The Sleepwalkers – Vivianne Schwarz (Walker Books)
Cindy & Biscuit #3 – Dan White (self published)
The Complete Rainbow Orchid – Garen Ewing (Egmont)
Playing Out – Jim Medway (Blank Slate Books)

Emerging Talent:
Isabel Greenberg (The River of Lost Souls)
Dilraj Mann (Frank Ocean VS Chris Brown, Make You Notice, Turning Point)
Will Morris (The Silver Darlings)
Jade Sarson (Cafe Suada)
Lizzy Stewart (Solo, Four Days In Brussels, Four Days in Iceland, Object Stories)

Hall of Fame:
Leo Baxendale

The awards ceremony and announcing of winners will take place on Saturday 23rd of November as part of the Thought Bubble comics festival. You can visit the British Comic Awards website here (from where the above book images have been shamelessly pilfered- sorry Adam!).


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