Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Linda Medley working on Castle Waiting spin-off, vol 3

Some good news via a Fantagraphics blog update today; Linda Medley is working on producing volume 3 of her acclaimed Castle Waiting series, as well as a spin-off comic, titled Twelve Witches. It sounds like the spin-off may have been announced previously (I must have missed it), but it's something that Medley's been working on since 2003 and has picked up again, and is aimed at younger readers. No anticipatory dates for either project yet, and it's not yet certain what format the books will take- Castle Waiting was originally released in issues and then collected together, but more Linda Medley comics are only ever A Good Thing. 

You can see some process pages for Twelve Witches at Fantagraphics' Tumblr.  

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