Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blacksad Amarillo: new images, and a Kit Cat

The fifth volume of the hugely popular/critically acclaimed/multi-award winning/superlative stretching Blacksad, releases on November the 15th (in its original French), and publishers Dargaud have put together a  nice bit of promotional material for fans. They're offering people the opportunity to download a   zipped folder, nimbly titled 'Kit Cat', of exclusive images, tailored especially for Facebook usage. It contains 6 cover images (shown below) taken from various panels and scenes in the book, along with 12 small, square character images, tailored to be uploaded as profile pictures. I would imagine these can be used as Twitter icons too.

I really like the idea and execution of this; I think it's a nifty bit of promotion- it's not obtrusive or demanding, yet it feels like fans are getting something out of the deal in that they get their first proper look at some of the images and elements of the comic, which they can then go on to use for their social media accounts. And they're not spoilery either, as preview pages sometimes can be. I'm getting better at waiting for English editions- there's loads of great comics to read until this comes round, but still, looks like Guarnido has been hitting it out of the ballpark again; he's a great scene drawer, isn't he? Simultaneously expansive and detailed.

You can download the Kit Cat folder via the Blacksad Facebook page.

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