Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blog updates and feedback

The blog has been seeing a steady rise in visitors (thank you to everyone who's been linking and tweeting about it), which is nice- hello everyone! Previously I've been writing in a few places, which has meant my energies have been divided, but I've decided to focus my writing here now with occasional pieces for The Beat. 

I want this to be a place where you can get comics news, interviews, reviews largely revolving around more independent and small press comics from around the world, along with some essays on certain books and comics-related subjects, and there's a lot of pieces and features lined up that I'm genuinely very excited about and keen for people to see and read. With that in mind, i thought I would draw up a brief schedule of when you can expect new articles to appear:

  • blog updates every weekday
  • News, Views and Oddities column every fortnight on a Friday, rounding up comic, art and film tidbits
  • Comics Carousel every fortnight on a Tuesday, reviewing a selection of comics old and new
If you have any feedback or want to get in touch about anything, you can contact me at

Thanks for reading!

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