Sunday, 27 October 2013

Preview: Baltic Comics anthology s! 15 Cats

cover by Edgar Folks

The folks behind the excellent kus komiks and s! anthology are evidently some of the most hardworking in the business, releasing four anthologies and a host of mini-comics each year. They've just released pre-order details for volume 15 of the Baltic Comics Anthology (more commonly known as s!) which will feature comics on and around the subject of one of the greatest icons of the Internet: cats. I'm mesmerised by the texture and colour of that cover (above) by Edgar Folks; it underlines the curious, totemic associations of cats really well. 

Kus! are, quite simply, one of the best publishers around at the moment, curating interesting and innovative comic makers from around the world, with the s! anthology superior in quality to most comics anthologies around, particularly in terms of introducing readers to a smorgasbord of art and narrative styles, design and experimentation. If ever you're wondering what more comics can offer, an example of their diversity, or looking to revitalise your enthusiasm about the medium, I'd recommend picking up one of these pocket sized tomes- you can find previous issues for sale here. They're currently running an offer in which you can buy an s! anthology and get a mini kus comic for free, which is definitely worth taking up.

If you need further reasons to buy s! 15 here's two: 1) it's all about cats 2) Michael DeForge. It's also in full colour and in English and will release on the 12th of November. You can pre-order a copy here (worldwide shipping costs are included in the price).

Roll call of all 23 artists contributing to s! 15: Dace Sietiņa (Latvia / Netherlands), Dāvis Ozols (Latvia), Edie Fake (USA), Edgars Folks (Latvia), Emmi Valve (Finland), Ernests Kļaviņš (Latvia), John Broadley (England), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Lars Sjunnesson (Sweden), Léo Quievreux & Fredox (France), L.L. de Mars (France), Margrieta Dreiblate (Latvia), María Inés Gul (Poland), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Michael DeForge (Canada), Paul Paetzel (Germany), Pedro Franz (Brazil), Reinis Pētersons (Latvia), Roméo Julien (France), Rūta Briede (Latvia), Warren Craghead (USA), Weng Pixin (Singapore). 

John Broadley

Paul Paetzel

Edie Fake

Emmi Valve

Dace Sietina

Maria Ines Gul

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