Thursday, 10 October 2013

Releasing tomorrow: James Harvey's 'Walk Don't Run'

Here's something interesting I wasn't aware of: James Harvey worked on a comic for 2 years between 2009-11 that will see release tomorrow. Written by Finlay Crumb and Sean Watson, 'Walk, Don't Run' Harvey cites it as the first comic he ever worked on, and muses on how strange it is to see it finally getting published after such a long time, and after the printing of his other work:
It doesn’t feel exactly like the stuff I do now, but it’s still heartfelt and sincere and it hits all the notes I like. I can’t wait for people to see it.It’s been a long road to publication and I don’t think I ever expected it to come out in this form. Only the first issue is going to come out in this Motion Book format. We’re still holding out to finish the rest of it properly and give it the print release it deserves. 
I'm a big fan of Harvey's work, especially the art style seen in Masterplasty, and the polished snippets of Zygote posted on his Tumblr (love when he uses that gorgeous clean ice-cream colour palette, reminds me of Brandon Graham's colours). The first part of Walk, Don't Run will be released digitally tomorrow via the Madefire app, as well as being available to purchase through deviantart as a Madefire motion book for people who don't have iOS devices. I'll be buying this on the strength of Harvey's involvement; not heard of either writers, as far as I can tell it's their first time penning a comic. Unsure on the plot, but it looks fun- you can check out some more images on Harvey's Tumblr.

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