Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Reminder: pick up the Thought Bubble 2013 anthology!

It's Wednesday tomorrow, aka, new comic book day. In between bagging hundreds of Sandman Overture issues, Saga etc, at the shop earlier, I also managed a look at the new Thought Bubble anthology and let me tell you, that thing had swag. Thought Bubble have been releasing their anthology in association with comics publishers Image, for the past 2 years -this is the third- and it's a fantastic keepsake and memory of the festival if you're attending (I know lots of people get theirs signed from creators and guests, too). 

If you're not, you get a Wednesday comics style format, newspaper comics anthology with contributions from Brandon Graham, Cameron Stewart, Ming Doyle, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Moon, Jeffrey Brown, Ramon Perez, amongst others, as well as the warm knowledge that all profits made go to children's charity, Barnados. So if you're at the comics store tomorrow, please grab a copy; it's the price of a regular comic -£2.99. You can see a trailer for it above, for a taste of what you're getting, and I've added a photo of the two previous ones below as visual incentive :) Buy!

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